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Toronto Comic Arts Festival: National Post Creator Q&A Links, Pt. 1

The National Post coverage of the Toronto Comic Arts Festival has been pretty darn thorough this week, thanks in large part to the Post's book blog, The Afterword, and writer Mark Medley. Medley concocted a brief questionnaire and e-mailed it to a large number of participants. Then Medleyach creator's responses on the blog as a separate post. Presto, instant web coverage for creators to link to and instant insight into artists fans may not be familiar with.

You and your editor deserve a big pat on the back, Mark. That idea showed great foresight. It's both a tremendous service to cartoonists and a very interesting read for us (And a week's worth or more of posts for you!). It's also quite intriguing to see which answers are similar and which are wildly different from creator to creator.

It took a little while, but here's an alphabetical link list of the creator's that took part. I had hoped to get it up last night but it's a lengthy list!

An article from Friday’s print edition of the Post on the release of volume 1 of the collected Doug Wright is here.

And here are all the artist responses listed alphabetically for easy filing!

Graham Annable, the Canadian-born, Portland, Oregon creator of Grickle, Hickee and Stickleback.

Sarah Becan, creator of Shuteye and founder of Shortpants Press.

Joe Bluhm, creator of Rejects.

Ross Campbell, whose work includes Wet Moon, Water Baby and Mountain Girl.More on him at his website and at his livejournal blog.

Scott Campbell, the brain and hand behind Double Fine Action Comics.

Frank Cammuso. Knights of the Lunch Table, Max Hamm Fairy Tale Detective and Otto's Orange Day. Check them both out here.

Ian Sullivan Cant, author of Papercut Heart.

Cecil Castelluci, author of DC Minx's The Plain Janes and successful teen lit prose works like The Queen of Cool, Boy Proof, First Kiss (Then Tell) and Beige.

Howard Chackowicz, Howie Action Comics.

Michael Cho, Owl Magazine's Max Finder Mysteries and top-notch prints. Check out his sketch blog.

Joey Comeau, co-creator of the webcomic, A Softer World, with Emily Horne.

Aaron Costain, minicomic creator and Team Society League.

Willow Dawson, artist of Violet Miranda: Girl Pirate, and author/artist of No Girls Allowed, and Top Shelf's forthcoming 100 Mile House. More on her at

Arthur Dela Cruz. Kissing Chaos.

Antoine Dodé, author of Armelle and the Bird and Armelle and my Uncle.

Brian Evanou, animator/cartoonist creator of Lucy Legacy (Named, perhaps, in honour of the term "Lucy's Legacy", which refers to leaps in research on the borth of mankind after paleoanthropologist Dr. Donald Johanson discovered a 3.2 million-year olf hominid and named it Lucy?).

Tim Fish. Love is the Reason, Cavalcade of Boys.

Chuck Forsman, White River Junction, Vermont's very own Snake Oil salesman.

Dustin Harbin, publisher of webcomics like Fun With Autobiography and What Would Dharbin Do?

Faith Erin Hicks, creator of the webcomics Ice, Demonology 101 and the graphic novels Zombies Calling and The War at Ellesmere.

Micheal J. Hind. Jay The Blind Jaywalker. Hockey Knight.

Brian Hoang. This member of Toronto's Sketchkrieg helps us take our graphic Medicine.

Emily Horne, co-creator of A Softer World with partner, Joey Comeau. More on them both at their website.

Tom Humberstone. British creator of Art School Scum and How To Date A Girl In Ten Days.

Jason Kieffer. The cartoonist behind Kieffer #1 and Kieffer #2.

Eric Kim. This Toronto artist has worked on Degrassi: Extra Credit, Love as a Foreign Language and his latest project, Billy Smoke.

Kid Koala, master of comix and music mixology. Check his website for more of his beats.

Michèle Laframboise. I met this fiery Quebec artist today. She's gregarious and determined to get her graphic novels out there! She's also on the market for an English publisher for her sci-fi novels (published in French by Éditions Médiaspaul). So if anyone has any suggestions, please contact her at her website here.

Whew! I've only covered, what, 28 of these posts?!! Incredible! And The Post is also now blogging the panel discussions... That's dedication.

By now the Doug Wright Award winners have been announced. Just one more reason to celebrate this weekend. So come one, come all and enjoy tomorrow's TCAF festivities. There's a lot of cool stuff to discover and it's right in the heart of downtown. Easy to reach by subway from every direction.

I'll have the rest of the artists featured next time. Right now it's time for bed! You too, Nipper...

Beavers Up!

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