Saturday, May 9, 2009

The coverage this year's Toronto Comic Arts Festival event has been getting would be almost obscene if it weren't so dang cool. Even event founder/organiizer Chris Butcher is torn between apologizing and screaming in excitement at his blog!

Check just about any comics-related blog and you'll see discussions about it. Inkstuds is a comic book radio show and podcast out of Vancouver. Their TCAF preview was particularly inspiring, especially according to British webcomic creator Mark Ellersby, who got so jazzed by it he booked a last minute flight to Canada to attend!

But special attention must be paid to the overwhelming coverage provided by the National Post. The Post has made itself TCAF central with coverage every day this week in both its print and online editions.

First of all, there was a lovely, short piece May 2 on Christopher Butcher and the history of TCAF itself. It's nice to see Chris and Beguiling owner Peter Birkemoe get some public due for thier tremendous efforts.

A background piece piece on Scott Pilgrim's journey from Bryan Lee O'Malley's head onto our movie screens (relating to my astounding behind the scenes experience on the Scott Pilgrim set related on can be found here.

I'd like to individually to every artist article the Post has put out lately, but there literally is a mountain of them! In addition to larger pieces on the big names, the newspaper also sent out a questionnaire to almost every participant. As a result, a large portion of TCAF's line-up gets a advance promotion.

For simplicity, I did a "browse by tags" search under TCAF and got pages of hits. Here's that search result for you.

And while you're surfing, you can get a peek at Toronto comic artist Steve Manale's apartment in this week's Eye Magazine "My Place" feature.

And finally, don't forget it's Ontario Graphic Novel Month! According to the Open Book Toronto website and thier partners, the Organization of Book Publishers of Ontario. It's all about the synergy!

WHAZAMO! Ontario Graphic Novel Month is an online comics celebration curated by Vepo Studios for Open Book: Toronto, created to showcase the talented graphic novelists and illustrators published by the Ontario publishers, as well as draw attention to the new stars of the Canadian graphic novel and comic book scene.
Best... Comic... Month... EVER!!!!!!!

Beavers Up!

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