Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ty Templeton - The Life and Times

Ty at a Paradise Comics signing.

I have been thinking of a career spanning interview with comic creator Ty Templeton for a while now. Ty's mastery of the comic form have been criminally underrated for years. And while I support whole-heartedly efforts to tease Ty, just to keep his head small enough to avoid a painful neck injury, the plain truth is the man lives and breathes comics. He also is one of the most approachable, supportive dudes in the industry and is always ready to share his knowledge. Heck, sometimes he'll even wait till you ask!

And you thought Ty drawing himself as a bunny was creatiive licence, didn't you?

Thankfully, Micheal Fiffe and the new online version of the Comics Journal have saved me the work. While there still needs to be a more in-depth discussion or Ty's contributions to the form, this is a terrific overview of the various eras of Ty Templeton's comic book life.

Here are links to part one, part two, part three, part four and part five.

For more on what's up with Ty, check out Ty Templeton's Art Land, your one-stop resource for all things Ty, hosted by the most awesome Keiron Smith.

Beavers Up!

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