Thursday, February 25, 2010

And Lo, A Child Shall Write, Pencil and Ink - Let go of your adult critic and start drawing!


I've been checking out the hilarious Axe Cop by Ethan Nicolle (Chumble Spuzz) and his five-year old brother Malachai. It's fun, hilarious and hit much-deserved, official viral phenomenon status almost the moment Ethan chose to post it online. There's nice interview with the pair over at Geekchicdaily.

It also brings to mind another generational collaboration from here in Canada -- the delightful Chocolate-Face Grace by brilliantly insane Canuck cartoonist and raconteur Rob Walton and his daughter Grace. If you haven't read it check it out.  Rob's delight in his daughter and her devious (perhaps frighteningly so) mind is evident every panel.


There's a freeing, "anything is possible" quality to Malachai and Grace's writing that we adults can learn from. Over the last two busy days I have contemplated returning to a ridiculous, silly comic idea I had in my youth. But my desire for perfection stops me before I start when it just needs for me to let go - draw and write without fear.

Alexa Kitchen gets her foot in the comic biz door

The most famous young person cartoonist today is probably Alexa Kitchen - a comic convention staple for years with her Mom since the age of 5 or 6!  Comics hold no fear for Alexa. It's her chosen method of communication. Her youth is a perfect hook, speaking to inspiring kids but also encouraging curious adults to check her out. They inevitably find themselves delighted by her work.

Layne and Peri Toth are the other famous, pre-teen creators vying with Alexa for attention. With the help of Chris Yambar, their creation Faith: Warrior Princess has sold well with its playful, Christian-friendly adventures. 


On his website, Yambar recently posted that he has granted all his rights to Faith back to the Toth sisters to do with what they will.  There website doens't have much information but does list a number of graphic novel "properties" they are working on.  Methinks these girls take a more cutthroat approach to the biz than many grizzled vets.

The advice for the day is -- Follow that childish song in your head and create with no fear. So what if it's not perfect or takes a surprising twist.  That's part of finding the delight and imagination that used to be a constant part of our lives.

Beavers Up! 


  1. Holy crow...I had no awareness of most of these kids (my boys have been going on about Axe Cop for a while). Now, I'm wondering what exactly Ty is doing wrong...he hasn't collaborated with any of our children until they were old enough to vote.

  2. Mr. Templeton should have started his kids on the production line long ago. Now those lost waifs may only become Nobel Prize winners, Poet Laureats, respected Musicians or dedicated scientists instead of cartoonists.

    It's all so very sad.