Monday, February 23, 2009

Who Puts The Man In Shaman? - Sigh... Nobody Yet.

In one of my earliest posts, I showed off some of the work of Ace action figure customizer, Victor Kraken. When I wrote to make sure he was fine with posting some of his pics, he informed me he'd be putting up a Shaman custom job soon. Here it is in all its glory.

And this is as good an excuse to chat about Marvel's Canadian Mystic as any.

Victor's Shaman page is here, on his website,

What amazes me is how many other toys Victor raided to make this sucker. That's a serious outlay. We should make a superhero out of toy customizer. His bag is full of hundreds of action figures and he puts together whatever hero or abilities he needs in his doll by switching out parts.

Three cheers, for ace custom toymaker, Victor Kraken

Beavers Up!

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